Didier Péan

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BACKGROUND The most recommended technique for the management of patients with a difficult airway is fiberoptic intubation (FOI). The aim of this study was to compare propofol and sevoflurane for FOI performance in patients who were difficult to intubate. METHODS Seventy-eight patients scheduled for maxillo-facial surgery were included in this prospective,(More)
OBJECTIVES Clinical study of a new supraglottic single use airway device, the LTD with evaluation of insertion, efficiency during intermittent positive pressure ventilation and side effects. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, open clinical study. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fifty adult patients [33 years (26-55)] were scheduled for elective surgery (orthopaedic,(More)
BACKGROUND A widely used physiological simulator is generally accepted to give valid predictions of oxygenation status during disturbances in breathing associated with anesthesia. We compared predicted measures with physiological measurements available in the literature, or derived from other models. METHODS Five studies were selected from the literature(More)
The ENT and maxillo-facial reconstruction with free flaps has become a standard. The objective of the adjuvant treatments is to limit failures (approximately 6%) related to ischaemia/reperfusion. French surgical centres use specific protocols depending on the surgeon. They used antiplatelet agent, anticoagulants, normovolemic hamodilution and vasodilators.(More)
BACKGROUND The Manujet™ and the ENK Oxygen Flow Modulator™ (ENK) deliver oxygen during transtracheal oxygenation. We sought to describe the ventilation characteristics of these 2 devices. METHODS The study was conducted in an artificial lung model consisting of a 15-cm ringed tube, simulating the trachea, connected via a flow analyzer and an artificial(More)
In pediatric elective surgery, the main indications of blood transfusion are cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and abdominal tumors. Blood saving techniques are also available. The transfusion threshold has to take into account the physiological age-related particularities. Underestimation of blood loss and delayed transfusion are associated with a severe(More)