Didier Nicholson

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— In this paper, a backward compatible header error protection mechanism is described. It consists of the addition of a dedicated marker segment to a JPEG 2000 codestream, that will contain the error correction data generated by a block error correction code (e.g. a Reed Solomon code). This mechanism allows to leave the original data intact, hence providing(More)
ALADDIN [1] is a multidisciplinary project that is developing novel techniques, architectures, and mechanisms for multi-agent systems in uncertain and dynamic environments. The application focus of the project is disaster management. Research within a number of themes is being pursued and this is considering different aspects of the interaction between(More)
The EU FP6 WCAM (Wireless Cameras and AudioVisual Seamless Networking) project aims to study, develop and validate a wireless, seamless and secured end-to-end networked audiovisual system for video surveillance and multimedia distribution applications. This paper describes the video transmission aspects of the project, with contributions in the areas of(More)
In this paper, we present an integrated system for smart encoding in video surveillance. This system, developed within the European IST WCAM project, aims at defining an optimized JPEG 2000 codestream organization directly based on the semantic content of the video surveillance analysis module. The proposed system produces a fully compliant Motion JPEG 2000(More)