Didier Nicholson

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— In this paper, a backward compatible header error protection mechanism is described. It consists of the addition of a dedicated marker segment to a JPEG 2000 codestream, that will contain the error correction data generated by a block error correction code (e.g. a Reed Solomon code). This mechanism allows to leave the original data intact, hence providing(More)
Video-surveillance attracted an important research effort in the last few years. Many works are dedicated to the design of efficient systems and the development of robust algorithms. video compression is a very important stage in order to ensure the viability of video-surveillance systems. However, it introduces some distortions decreasing significantly the(More)
In this paper, we propose an extrinsic distortion-based source-channel allocation for JPWL transcoding systems. The distortion based approach is possible thanks to the extrinsic distortion estimation using information contained in the compressed bitstream. The proposed estimation method gives a coarse grain estimator of the true distortion, but keeping the(More)
This paper proposes an integrated solution for smart delivery of video surveillance data. The system is developed within the IST project WCAM "Wireless Cameras and AudioVisual Seamless Networking" which is presented as well [1]. The main feature of our system is it includes smart video coding based on automatic scene analysis and understanding.(More)