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A narrowband x ray imager for the Cu K(α) line at ~8 keV using a spherically bent quartz crystal has been implemented on the OMEGA EP laser at the University of Rochester. The quartz crystal is cut along the 2131 (211) planes for a 2d spacing of 0.3082 nm, resulting in a Bragg angle of 88.7°, very close to normal incidence. An optical system is used to(More)
A high-performance cryogenic DT inertial confinement fusion implosion experiment is an especially challenging backlighting configuration because of the high self-emission of the core at stagnation and the low opacity of the DT shell. High-energy petawatt lasers such as OMEGA EP promise significantly improved backlighting capabilities by generating high(More)
Using a spherically bent quartz crystal for the Si He(α) line at ~1.865 keV, a narrowband x-ray imager has been deployed at the Omega Laser Facility to record backlit images of direct-drive laser implosions. The crystal was cut along the 1011 planes for a 2d spacing of 0.687 nm, resulting in a Bragg angle of 83.9°. Apertures in front of the crystal were(More)
The manipulation of trapped charged particles by electric fields is an accurate, robust and reliable technique for many applications or experiments in high-precision spectroscopy. The transfer of the ion sample between multiple traps allows the use of a tailored environment in quantum information, cold chemistry, or frequency metrology experiments. In this(More)
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