Didier Dorez

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Whereas the gap between organ supply and demand remains a worldwide concern, resuscitation of out-of-hospital traumatic cardiac arrest (TCA) remains controversial. The aim of this study is to evaluate, in a prehospital medical care system, the number of organs transplanted from victims of out-of-hospital TCA. This is a descriptive study. Victims of TCA are(More)
INTRODUCTION In 2011 in France, all kidneys from patients with brain death and from living donors cannot meet the demand for renal transplants. Since 2006, sampling protocols kidneys from non-heart-beating donors (NHBD) are developed to increase the number of renal transplants. The objective was to describe the organization of a protocol NHBD in a(More)
In 2015, Annecy Hospital was the first French hospital to perform non-heartbeating organ donation from a Maastricht category III donor (patient awaiting cardiac arrest after withdrawal of treatment). Non-heartbeating organ donation (NHBD), performed in France since 2006, had initially excluded this category, due to ethical questions concerning end of life(More)
The cessation of treatment in intensive care leads to death through circulatory arrest. In these circumstances there is an opportunity to remove organs, if that was the wish of the patient. This raises legitimate ethical questions. A French national protocol defines the conditions of this donation and ensures a harmonisation of practices as well as an(More)
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