Didier Devilliers

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Characterizing a pattern of cognitive dysfunction in early onset schizophrenic patients may illuminate neurodevelopmental contributions to the illness. A cohort of chronically institutionalized schizophrenic patients with a variable range of age of onset (range 7-29 years) was administered a comprehensive battery of neuropsychological tests that included(More)
The deposition of TiN on stainless steel substrates may improve the stability and compatibility of this material with bone, which may be advantageously exploited for the elaboration of advanced pros- thetic devices. In this work, TiN-coated 316LSS (by way of DC magnetron sputtering) was used as a starting material for investigating the electrochemical(More)
Boron doped diamond microelectrodes arrays (MEA) have been prepared in order to be used as new amperometric sensors in electrochemical cells for HPLC detectors. The following parameters were studied: number and diameter (15-40 µm) of the electrodes, distance between them (50-240 µm), and effect of the flow rate (0.1-3 mL/min). It was thus possible to find(More)
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