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At polar sunrise, gaseous elemental mercury (GEM) undergoes an exceptional dynamic exchange in the air and at the snow surface during which GEM can be rapidly removed from the atmosphere (the so-called atmospheric mercury depletion events (AMDEs)) as well as re-emitted from the snow within a few hours to days in the Polar Regions. Although high(More)
Five regional scale models with a horizontal domain covering the European continent and its surrounding seas, two hemispheric and one global scale model participated in the atmospheric Hg modelling intercomparison study. The models were compared between each other and with available measurements from 11 monitoring stations of the EMEP measurement network.(More)
[1] An atmospheric mercury model intercomparison study has been conducted to compare three regional-scale atmospheric mercury models, CMAQ, REMSAD, and TEAM, in a tightly constrained testing environment with a focus on North America. Each of these models used the same horizontal modeling grid, pollutant emission information, modeled meteorology, and(More)
Five regional scale models with a horizontal domain covering the European continent and its surrounding seas, one hemispheric and one global scale model participated in an atmospheric mercury modelling intercomparison study. Model-predicted concentrations in ambient air were compared against mercury species observed at four monitoring stations in Central(More)
The present investigation measured how well elderly persons hear in everyday auditory communication situations. It was felt that traditional clinical measures of auditory performance have not been shown to be valid predictors of communication function for an elderly population. Participants ranged in age from fifty-five to seventy-two years. In addition to(More)
UNLABELLED Environment and Climate Change Canada's FireWork air quality (AQ) forecast system for North America with near-real-time biomass burning emissions has been running experimentally during the Canadian wildfire season since 2013. The system runs twice per day with model initializations at 00 UTC and 12 UTC, and produces numerical AQ forecast guidance(More)
The angular correlations of four-jet events from hadronic decays of the Z 0 have been studied in the past mainly to extract from them the fundamental constants of quantum chromodynamics called colour factors. Previous studies have used all the available phase-space in order to maximize statistics. In this note we want to point out the possibility that(More)
Regulatory requirements for renewable content in diesel fuel have been adopted in Canada. Fatty acid alkyl esters, that is, biodiesel, will likely be used to meet the regulations. However, the impacts on ambient atmospheric pollutant concentrations and human health outcomes associated with the use of biodiesel fuel blends in heavy duty diesel vehicles(More)
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