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We have identified a gene encoding an antigen recognized by cytolytic T lymphocytes on the autologous tumor cells of a melanoma patient, AVL3. The gene shows homologies with members of the HERV-K family of human endogenous retroviruses, and it was provisionally named HERV-K-MEL. It contains many mutations that disrupt the open reading frames coding for all(More)
PURPOSE Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada (VKH) syndrome is an autoimmune disease characterized by inaugural uveomeningitidis and hearing loss and at late stages a depigmentation in eyes and skin. Melanocytes are the cells common to the four affected tissues, namely eye, brain, inner ear, and skin. Melanocytes are therefore considered as the source of self-antigens. The(More)
The mechanisms by which JAK2 is activated by the prevalent pseudokinase (JH2) V617F mutation in blood cancers remain elusive. Via structure-guided mutagenesis and transcriptional and functional assays, we identify a community of residues from the JH2 helix αC, SH2-JH2 linker and JH1 kinase domain that mediate V617F-induced activation. This circuit is broken(More)
Immunity against Theileria parva is associated with CD8 T-cell responses that exhibit immunodominance, focusing the response against limited numbers of epitopes. As candidates for inclusion in vaccines, characterization of responses against immunodominant epitopes is a key component in novel vaccine development. We have previously demonstrated that the(More)
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