Didier Buthiau

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A new case of spinal cord compression secondary to steroid-induced epidural lipomatosis is reported in a patient treated for dermatomyositis. Computed tomography was performed before the institution of steroid therapy, during spinal cord compression, and after effective surgical treatment. The development of epidural lipomatosis does not require a(More)
The use of Helical CT significantly improves image quality of examinations in a number of clinical settings. It is particularly suited to the study of the tracheo-bronchial tree as a result of new ways of image processing (developed by GEMS research) which can produce virtual endoscopic images without the use of an endoscope. We present our initial(More)
Fotemustine is a new nitrosourea which has shown some efficacy on disseminated malignant melanoma (DMM) (24.2% response rate (RR) among 153 patients in a Phase II trial) but little activity on hepatic metastasis (8.8% RR). In order to improve those poor results, hepatic intra-arterial infusion (HIAI) of fotemustine was performed. After two years, thirteen(More)
Cutaneous facial aging is responsible for the increasingly wrinkled and blotchy appearance of the skin, whereas aging of the facial structures is attributed primarily to gravity. This article purports to show, however, that the primary etiology of structural facial aging relates instead to repeated contractions of certain facial mimetic muscles, the age(More)
After a brief definition of Virtual Endoscopy (VE), the authors, by a personal experience and literature analysis, present the results of this new method in several applications: tracheo-bronchial tree, vessels, colon, bladder, central nervous system; patients were referred by standard endoscopy, advantages and limits were studied. We underline the(More)
We describe a new technique of pelvimetry by computerized tomography (CT), using multislice-CT. This new technique can provide measurements of the classical diameters and is able to bring new informations on anatomical aspect of the bony pelvis, especially of the superior strait, with images easier to understand by obstetricians and midwives. It is a simple(More)
We report a new case of localized primary tracheobronchial amyloidosis revealed by haemoptysis and effort dyspnea. The CT scan image was a homogeneous and circumferential thickening of the bronchial wall measuring 282 on the Hounsfield scale. At magnetic resonance imaging the amyloid substance was a slightly less intense than fat tissue in T1 and(More)
We report two cases of mechanical limitation of buccal opening. CT scanning of bone anomalies diagnosed on standard radiography allowed to define malformation of the coronoid piston on the one hand, and the temporo-malar groove on the other: a combination of Langenbeck's and Jacob's disease in one case and Langenbeck's disease in the other. Coronoidectomy,(More)