Didier Badouel

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We first briefly describe the methodology of programming ray-tracing algorithms on distributed-memory parallel computers, or DMPCs, and review previous efforts to overcome the problems of data distribution and load balancing. Then we present two algorithms designed for DMPCs and implemented on an Intel iPSC/2. We also compare the results of our experiments(More)
A survey of architectures for volume rendering. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, 9(4):18{23, 1990. Lev89a] Marc Levoy. Design for a real-time high-quality volume rendering workstation. A three-dimensional shaded display method for voxel-based representations.planes 5: A heterogeneous multiprocessor graphics system using processor-enhanced(More)
The production of realistic image generated by computer requires a huge amount of computation and a large memory capacity. The use of highly parallel computers allows this process to be performed faster. Distributed memory parallel computers (DMPCs), such as hypercubes or transputer-based machines, ooer an attractive performance/cost ratio when the load(More)
This paper describes a performance tuning tool, named SVMview, for DSM-based parallel computers. SVMview is a tool for doing a post-mortem analysis of page movements generated during the execution of Fortran-S programs. This tool is able to analyze some particular phenomena such as false-sharing which occurs when several processors write to the same page(More)
Non-uniform message distribution in interconnection networks is a common problem and causes network congestion. This paper proves that a careful choice of the routing algorithm can increase signiicantly the communication performance under pathological communication patterns, such as hot spots. A comparison between widely used e-cube routing and a new(More)
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