Didier Aubry

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Indoor location sensing systems constitute a growing field of research involving both theoretical and applicative challenges. These systems are used in several applications of sensor networks such as tracking and monitoring. The design of an indoor positioning system depends on sensor's technology. The most common positioning systems are based on infrared(More)
SUMMARY It is well known that the solution of an inverse problem is ill-posed and not unique. To avoid difficulties caused by this, when solving such a problem, Tikhonov's regularization terms are usually added to the norm quantifying the discrepancy between the model's predictions and experimental data. This regularization term however is often inadequate(More)
This paper presents a Delayed Generalized Predictive Controller (DGPC) by internal model for bilateral teleoperation systems in the presence of both communication delays and force feedback. First, the Π-freeness algebraic property of mechanical delayed systems, which presents some similarity with the notion of flatness, is used for the slave system to track(More)
This paper deals with the problem of adaptive observer-based synchronization of chaotic dynamical systems. The proposed approach consists in estimating the states and the unknown parameters in a separate way to reduce computational requirements. A rigorous stability analysis is performed and a judicious parametrization of the algorithm is proposed to(More)