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This paper proposes a bimodal biometric system for person identification using two traits, hand geometry and palm texture. The proposed system use complete hand images to find hand geometry and palm texture features. Unlike other multimodal biometric systems, the user does not have to undergo the inconvenience of using two different sensors as two(More)
Immersive environments are those which aim to surround users in an arti cial world. These environments consist of a composition of various types of immersidata: unique data types that are combined to render a virtual experience. Acquisition, for storage and future querying, of information describing sessions in these environments is challenging because of(More)
We describe and evaluate the implementation of a streaming media system called Yima, which consists of a scalable continuous media server and client components. We report on the real-life experiences that we gained from streaming near NTSC quality video and audio to residential locations within a metropolitan area. We investigated the feasibility of such(More)
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