Didi Sazbon

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The focus of expansion plays an important role in many vision applications such as three-dimensional reconstruction , range estimation, time-to-impact computation, and obstacle avoidance. Most current techniques are based on correspondence or on accurate flow estimation and are therefore considered computationally heavy. This paper presents an efficient(More)
The navigational tasks of computing time to impact and controlling movements in speciÿc range are addressed here. We show how time to impact can be obtained via the Mellin-based correlator, and we introduce the concept of fractional based correlators. The fractional Fourier=Mellin based correlators can be used in detecting or controlling speciÿc range of(More)
This paper proposes a novel technique to extract range using a phase-only filter for a laser beam. The workspace is partitioned according to M meaningful preplanned range segments, each representing a relevant range segment in the scene. The phase-only filter codes the laser beam into M different diffraction patterns, corresponding to the predetermined(More)
The navigational tasks of computing time-to-impact and controlling movements within specific range are addressed here. By using specially designed lenses various components of these procedures, consisting of mathematical transformations, can be provided at image acquisition time, and therefore, speed up execution time. This s t u 4 discusses the optical(More)
Navigational systems performing real-time tasks involve many image related procedures, such as: acquisition, processing, and information extraction. Various components of these procedures consist of mathematical transformations that can be implemented optically. By using specially designed lenses these transformations can be provided at image acquisition(More)
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