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Drought inhibits wheat grain filling. Polyamines (PAs) are closely associated with plant resistance due to drought and grain filling of cereals. However, little is known about the effect of PAs on the grain filling of wheat under drought stress. This study investigated whether and how PAs are involved in regulating wheat grain filling under drought stress.(More)
Optimal energy scheduling problem for single-user wireless communication system in fading channel is studied in this paper. In this schedule, the transmitter is powered by hybrid energy sources including both the conventional grid and an energy harvester collecting energy from nature and storing energy in a rechargeable battery. In this system, data arrival(More)
The representation form of most signals in practice is non-stationary signal, and the main analysis methods for these signals are centralized in the field of time frequency (or time scale), and a series of results have been acquired. A reversible transformation method based on time sequence bit is proposed from another angle, and this method can be used to(More)
Plastic film mulching (PM) is widely utilized for maize production in China. However, the effect of PM on the grain yield of crops has not been established, and the biochemical mechanism underlying the increase or decrease in grain yield under PM is not yet understood. Grain filling markedly affects the grain yield. The objective of this study was to(More)
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