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This prospective study analyses the ability of several different intermediate hearing screening techniques to predict hearing aid acceptance in a pre-retirement population. In addition to the traditional methods of using sensitivity and specificity to analyse test performance, signal detection theory has been used to obtain a single detectability rate for(More)
This cross-over study compares the relative benefits of a standard NHS contracted hearing aid with a high-frequency emphasis commercial aid in subjects with high-frequency hearing loss. Disability questionnaires and free-field speech-in-noise (FAAF II) tests were used to assess subjects unaided and after 6 weeks of wearing each aid. Total FAAF II test(More)
This paper explains the application of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD), a statistical decomposition technique in the study of randomly fluctuating wind pressure fields acting on the surfaces of a gabled roof low rise building. POD identifies deterministic and systematic flow structures hidden in the random physical process. The POD modes thus obtained(More)
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