Dick Shine

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Chemical tracers are thought to be a desirable means of measuring patient compliance with medication. However, no compound has emerged as a standard. To explain this observation, the authors explored the mathematics of simulated tracers with half-lives 5 to 140 days over a month of daily dosing. To model assay variability, they added random "noise" to(More)
We use coordinated Hinode SOT/EIS observations that include high-resolution magnetograms, chromospheric and TR imaging and TR/coronal spectra in a first test to study how the dynamics of the TR are driven by the highly dynamic photospheric magnetic fields and the ubiquitous chromospheric waves. Initial analysis shows that these connections are quite subtle(More)
AIMS We aimed to determine whether simultaneous use of two tracer compounds with long and differing elimination half-lives may permit more precise recognition of percent compliance and discrimination among remote, intermediate, and recent patterns of daily dosing. METHODS We have derived, through computer modelling, the potential utility of digitoxin and(More)
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