Dick Davies

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ABH antigens have been demonstrated in the posterior root ganglia (PRG) of 3 primate species (marmoset, baboon and man). Their expression corresponded to the ABO phenotype of the individual and was independent of the secretor gene. In marmosets more cells were positive for H (33 +/- 9%) than for A (19 +/- 6%). In baboons A or B antigens were more easily(More)
Darkness pupil diameters, light reflexes, and redilatation times have been recorded with infrared TV pupillometry in 12 consecutive patients with systemic amyloidosis associated with sensory motor and autonomic neuropathy. Nine of the patients had AL amyloidosis, two had familial amyloidosis associated with a transthyretin abnormality, and one was untyped.(More)
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