Diba Pourmand

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Expressed Emotion (EE) strongly predicts relapse in mental disorders, but there remains a need to develop and refine brief, self-report measures. This article describes two studies testing the validity of a self-report measure of criticism or burden, the Family Attitude Scale (FAS), in relatives of patients with psychosis. Study 1 had 54 families of(More)
Background: The influence of expressed emotion (EE) on the course of the schizophrenia has been studied in different countries. Cultural influence on the level of EE has shown the importance of examination of EE in different cultures. The present study examined the distribution of components of EE and influence of EE on the course of schizophrenia in Iran.(More)
OBJECTIVE Expressed emotion (EE) and substance use disorder predict relapse in psychosis, but there is little research on EE in comorbid samples. The current study addressed this issue. METHOD Sixty inpatients with a DSM-IV psychosis and substance use disorder were recruited and underwent diagnostic and substance use assessment. Key relatives were(More)
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