Diarmuid P. Lloyd

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It is evident that the role of phenoxybenzamine as an alpha adrenergic blocking agent is suspect in the sense that it, in concert with some other alpha adrenergic blocking agents, may display a low degree of specificity." 2 Other alpha adrenergic blocking agents the specificity of which has been questioned include bretylium and guanethidine. They have been(More)
Competition for space is ubiquitous in the ecology of both microorganisms and macro-organisms. We introduce a bacterial model system in which the factors influencing competition for space during colonization of an initially empty habitat can be tracked directly. Using fluorescence microscopy, we follow the fate of individual Escherichia coli bacterial cell(More)
Impedance changes across the footpad of the cat occur as the result of sweat gland activity after stimulation of the sudomotor nerves. It is possible to discern two phases of impedance change; one, early, associated with the action potential of sweat gland cells; the other, later, being the well-known change associated with secretion and reabsorption.(1)(More)