Diarmuid B. Shanley

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The phylogenetic position of Candida dubliniensis has previously been established on the basis of the sequence of rRNA genes. In order to confirm the relationship between C. dubliniensis and other yeast species, particularly Candida albicans, using non-rRNA gene sequences the ACT1 gene was chosen for analysis. Three overlapping fragments that together span(More)
A task-oriented questionnaire was designed, aiming to quickly assess competence with the use of computers. The questionnaire consisted of distinct computer-related skills, representing various competences in educational computer use. A total score from 0 to 49 was calculated upon completion of the questionnaire, based on the sum of all the positively(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper examines the phenomonology in a case of erotomania and reviews classical and contemporary treatment options. METHOD A case of primary erotomania is described. RESULTS Treatment with hospitalization and risperidone produced rapid clinical improvement. CONCLUSION Atypical antipsychotic drugs may be useful in the treatment of this(More)
The teaching of clinical maxillomandibular relationships is an area of weakness in dental school curricula. Most difficulties arise when a reference position is required to adjust or reconstitute the maximum intercuspation of the dentition. The dentist-derived concept of the centric maxillomandibular relation position is used to solve this problem. There is(More)
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