Diar Nasiev

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MOTIVATION Within bioinformatics, the textual alignment of amino acid sequences has long dominated the determination of similarity between proteins, with all that implies for shared structure, function and evolutionary descent. Despite the relative success of modern-day sequence alignment algorithms, so-called alignment-free approaches offer a complementary(More)
Loss of coherence with increasing excitation amplitudes and spatial size modulation is a fundamental problem in designing Raman fiber lasers. While it is known that ramping up laser pump power increases the amplitude of stochastic excitations, such higher energy inputs can also lead to a transition from a linearly stable coherent laminar regime to a(More)
We propose a simple model that captures the salient properties of distribution networks, and study the possible occurrence of blackouts, i.e., sudden failings of large portions of such networks. The model is defined on a random graph of finite connectivity. The nodes of the graph represent hubs of the network, while the edges of the graph represent the(More)
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