Dianyu Shen

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Although genetic diversity is very important for alien species, which have to cope with new environments, little is known about the role that genetic diversity plays in their invasive success. In this study, we set up a manipulation experiment including three levels of genotypic diversity to test whether genotypic diversity can enhance the invasive ability(More)
NbSe2 is a prototypical charge-density-wave (CDW) material, whose mechanism remains mysterious so far. With angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy, we recovered the long-lost nesting condition over a large broken-honeycomb region in the Brillouin zone, which consists of six saddle band point regions with high density of states (DOS), and large regions(More)
The magnetic properties in the parent compounds are often intimately related to the microscopic mechanism of superconductivity. Here we report the first direct measurements on the electronic structure of a parent compound of the newly discovered iron-based superconductor, BaFe2As2, which provides a foundation for further studies. We show that the energy of(More)
The electronic structure of a new charge-density-wave system or superconductor, 1T-Cu(x)TiSe(2), has been studied by photoemission spectroscopy. A correlated semiconductor band structure is revealed for the undoped case, which resolves a long-standing controversy in the system. With Cu doping, the charge-density wave is suppressed by the raising of the(More)
In the present photoemission study of a cuprate superconductor Bi1.74Pb0.38Sr1.88CuO6+delta, we discovered a large scale dispersion of the lowest band, which unexpectedly follows the band structure calculation very well. Similar behavior observed in blue bronze and the Mott insulator Ca2CuO2Cl2 suggests that the origin of hopping-dominated dispersion in an(More)
In this study, we report a facile approach to fabricate epoxy composite incorporated with silicon carbide nanowires (SiC NWs). The thermal conductivity of epoxy/SiC NWs composites was thoroughly investigated. The thermal conductivity of epoxy/SiC NWs composites with 3.0 wt% filler reached 0.449 Wm-1 K-1, approximately a 106% enhancement as compared to neat(More)
We report high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission studies of epitaxial thin films of the correlated 4d transition metal oxide ferromagnet SrRuO(3). The Fermi surface in the ferromagnetic state consists of well-defined Landau quasiparticles exhibiting strong coupling to low-energy bosonic modes which contributes to the large effective masses observed by(More)
The charge density wave (CDW) is usually associated with Fermi surfaces nesting. We here report a new CDW mechanism discovered in a 2H-structured transition metal dichalcogenide, where the two essential ingredients of the CDW are realized in very anomalous ways due to the strong-coupling nature of the electronic structure. Namely, the CDW gap is only(More)
The misfit oxide, Bi2Ba1.3K0.6Co2.1O7.94, made of alternating rocksalt-structured [BiO/BaO] layers and hexagonal CoO2 layers, was studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, revealing the electronic structure of a highly strained oxide interface. We found that low-energy states are confined within individual sides of the interface, but scattered(More)