Dianxun Shuai

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A new multi-universe parallel immune quantum evolutionary algorithm based on learning mechanism (MPMQEA) is proposed, in the algorithm, all individuals are divided into some independent sub-colonies, called universes. Their topological structure is defined, each universe evolving independently uses the immune quantum evolutionary algorithm. Information(More)
The characteristics of quantum search algorithm and the mechanism of immune evolution are analyzed and discussed. Inspired by immune dynamic model and the mechanism in which immune cell can gradually accomplish affinity maturation during the self-evolution process, a quantum evolution algorithm based on immune operator is proposed. The algorithm can find(More)
The optimization of software cybernetics in complex environment is of great significance and extreme difficulty. This paper proposes a novel generalized particle dynamics model (GPDM) for software cybernetics in the context of optimal allocation of software resources and software jobs in complex environment. The GPDM approach transforms software cybernetics(More)