Dianxing Liu

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In order to build large-scale RFID applications, it is necessary to establish public RFID service infrastructure, the essential task is to build efficient and secure RFID code resolution network. Aiming at alleviating the problems in load balancing, single node failure tolerance and security of resolution network, based on related standards and research(More)
RFID technology has become a hot spot in automatic identification filed in recent years, which opens up a wide variety of applications. However, most RFID applications are still closed-loop-based. In order to build large-scale RFID applications which are transregional and cross-industry, it is necessary to build public RFID service platform. On the basis of(More)
Based on the routing protocol of Kademlia network and the characteristics of semantics-based publish/subscribe systems, a new type of routing protocol for semantics-based publish/subscribe systems is designed, which is called intersection concept based routing protocol (ICBRP). In ICBRP, user's subscriptions are classified by minimal intersection concepts(More)
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