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The control of underactuated mechanical system is very complex for the loss of its control inputs. The model of underactuated mechanical systems in a potential field is built with Lagrangian method and its structural properties are analyzed in detail. A genetic algorithm (GA)-based stable control approach is proposed for the class of underactuated(More)
The nonlinear dynamk model of the underactuated mechanical systems is buillt with Lagrangian method. Several properties of the system model such as the positive definite symmetric inertia matrix and the passivity are analyzed. A passivity-based control method is proposed for the underactuated mechanical system. The unlderactuated doublependulum- type(More)
The Chua's chaotic system is modeled as a nonlinear feedback cascade system and a nonlinear controller is proposed with the nonlinear recursive algorithm. The design process for the proposed controller is given in detail and the system stability is proved with the Lyapunov stability theory. Simulation results show that the Chua's chaotic system in any state(More)
A new neural network model to predict hysteresis output in piezoelectric actuator is presented. An improved Preisach operator description is given and analyzed in detail. The hysteresis model is implemented with a Neural Network Model to construct a classical Preisach model. The experiment results show the validity for predicting the output of hysteresis in(More)
A new second order sliding mode tracking controller (SOSMC) is presented for a kind of piezoelectric actuator (PEA) model with hysteretic nonlinearity. The second-order nonlinear dynamic model of the PEA is introduced and a second order sliding mode control law with dual-phase sliding movement is designed. In order to prove the system's stability, a(More)