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Recreation of the terminal events in physiological integrin activation
In vitro analysis confirms talin binding is sufficient for activation and extension of membrane-embedded integrin.
Refined model of the 10S conformation of smooth muscle myosin by cryo-electron microscopy 3D image reconstruction.
The 10S reconstruction of thesmHMM shows additional alpha-helical coiled-coil not seen in the earlier smHMM reconstruction, but the location of one segment of S2 is the same in both, which suggests that this interaction is not simply due to crystallographic packing but is enforced by elements of the myosin heads. Expand
Structure of myosin filaments from relaxed Lethocerus flight muscle by cryo-EM at 6 Å resolution
A cryo–electron microscopy three-dimensional image reconstruction of relaxed myosin II–containing thick filaments from the flight muscle of the giant water bug Lethocerus indicus is described, revealing unique molecular motor conformation and unprecedented details of the filament backbone. Expand
Three-dimensional structure of the myosin V inhibited state by cryoelectron tomography
The first three-dimensional structure of the myoV inactive state is shown, indicating that motor recycling after cargo delivery might occur through transport on actively treadmilling actin filaments rather than by diffusion. Expand
Novel structures for alpha-actinin:F-actin interactions and their implications for actin-membrane attachment and tension sensing in the cytoskeleton.
It is suggested that alpha-actinin is not simply a rigid spacer between actin filaments, but rather a flexible cross-linking, scaffolding, and anchoring protein that may contribute to tension sensing in actin bundles. Expand
Visualization of Head–Head Interactions in the Inhibited State of Smooth Muscle Myosin
The structural basis for the phosphoryla- tion-dependent regulation of smooth muscle myosin ATPase activity was investigated by forming two- dimensional (2-D) crystalline arrays of expressedExpand
A 3-D reconstruction of smooth muscle alpha-actinin by CryoEm reveals two different conformations at the actin-binding region.
The reconstruction of 2-D arrays of smooth muscle alpha-actinin reveals a well-resolved long central domain with 90 degrees of left-handed twist and near 2-fold symmetry, which suggests flexibility that may underlie Ca2+ regulation. Expand
The 3D structure of villin as an unusual F-Actin crosslinker.
Villin is an F-actin nucleating, crosslinking, severing, and capping protein within the gelsolin superfamily. We have used electron tomography of 2D arrays of villin-crosslinked F-actin to generateExpand
On the freezing and identification of lipid monolayer 2-D arrays for cryoelectron microscopy.
A method is described that makes high quality frozen-hydrated specimens of lipid monolayer arrays for cryoelectron microscopy and may have wider application to the preparation of single particle specimens for 3-D image reconstruction. Expand
Isoforms of α-Actinin from Cardiac, Smooth, and Skeletal Muscle Form Polar Arrays of Actin Filaments
The results, using isoforms usually characterized as cross-linkers of bipolar actin filament bundles, suggest that α-actinin is capable of cross-linking actin filaments in any orientation, and formation of specifically bipolar or polar filament arrays cross-linked by α-actsinin may require additional factors to determine the filament orientation. Expand