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The dynamic response of the fingerpad plays an important role in the tactile sensory response and precision manipulation, as well as in ergonomic design. This paper investigates the dynamic lumped element response of the human fingerpad in vivo to a compressive load. A flat probe indented the fingerpad at a constant velocity, then held a constant position.(More)
This paper investigates the dynamic, distributed pressure response of the human fingerpad in vivo when it first makes contact with an object. A flat probe was indented against the fingerpad at a 20 to 40 degree angle. Ramp-and-hold and sinusoidal displacement trajectories were applied to the fingerpad within a force range of 0-2 N. The dynamic spatial(More)
To formulate a coherent explanation of the dynamic response of touch bres (mechanoreceptors) to mechanical stimuli applied to the skin surface, we m ust develop a holistic model which includes all of the fundamental constituents. These constituents are: the mechanics of the skin, the mechanics of the end organ, the creation of a generator potential, the(More)
Ç N EW, effective methods of non-visual communication are needed for individuals who are blind or visually impaired in the modern world. Areas of relevance include tasks performed in the workplace, in educational settings, in the pursuit of leisure activities, in daily living, and navigating indoor and outdoor spaces. Providing an equivalent of what can be(More)
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