Dianne P. Bills

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In academic year 2002-3, the Information Technology (IT) Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) implemented an alternative programming sequence with the goal of helping students who initially struggle with programming concepts to succeed. The original IT freshman programming sequence consisted of three (3) courses, Programming for IT 1(More)
Direct treatment of brainstem cavernous haemangiomas (cavernomas) naturally represents a considerable surgical challenge due to the close proximity of vital structures. The results of such treatment have only rarely been described. We report our experience in the management of seven patients with cavernomas of the brainstem treated by microsurgical(More)
This paper describes a curricular initiative in cloud computing intended to keep our information technology (IT) curriculum at the forefront of technology. Currently, our IT degrees offer extensive database concentrations at both the undergraduate (BS-IT) and graduate (MS-IT) levels. Plus in the future, we plan to expand our offerings with a graduate degree(More)
When opiates are abruptly withdrawn after chronic treatment, increases in hippocampal noradrenergic function are observed which are accompanied by decreases in striatal dopamine release. The latter effects have to shown to persist for several weeks following the onset of opiate withdrawal. We examined the long-term effects of opiate withdrawal on(More)
Originally there was one computing curriculum, computer science, which provided a "one-size-fits-all" education in programming and computing in general. Today, computing education has diverged into an array of sub-discipline areas as educators try to meet the changing computing needs of business and industry. Information technology, software engineering,(More)
This paper updates an earlier paper on the use of cloud computing in database curriculum. That paper described a curricular initiative in cloud computing initially intended to keep our information technology (IT) curriculum at the forefront of technology and to give students the flexibility to work at any location, not just our labs. Currently, our IT(More)
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