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Aim We present a model to account for self-assembly of the slough–ridge–tree island patterned landscape of the central Everglades in southern Florida via feedbacks among landforms, hydrology, vegetation and biogeochemistry. We test aspects of this model by analysing vegetation composition in relation to local and landscape-level drivers. Location We(More)
-We compared estimates of stream habitat at the watershed scale using the basinwide visual estimation technique (BVET) and the representative reach extrapolation technique (RRET) in three small watersheds in the Appalachian Mountains. Within each watershed, all habitat units were sampled by the BVET, in contrast, three or four 100-m reaches were sampled(More)
A newly designed visual field testing instrument may be used either binocularly, as a quick screening test, or uniocularly, for plotting field defects. During binocular testing, the patient views a single target light at various points in the binocular central field. The eyepieces through which the patient looks and which contain weak prisms induce an(More)
MPF is a tetrapeptide (structure Lys-Lys-Gly-Glu) that elicits a variety of neurotrophic effects in vivo consistent with a role in neuronal regeneration. In support of this role, we now show that MPF stimulates the proliferation of cultured astrocytes and neurite outgrowth from cultures of neocortical cholinergic and mesenchephalic dopaminergic neurons. The(More)
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