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D Di ia an nn ne e O Ob be er rg g P Pr ro of fe es ss so or r, , D De ep pa ar rt tm me en nt t o of f E El le em me en nt ta ar ry y E Ed du uc ca at ti io on n, , U Un ni iv ve er rs si it ty y o of f A Al lb be er rt ta a, , C Ca an na ad da a Abstract Research has shown that principal support is a key factor in the implementation of effective school(More)
The integrated school library program model advocated by school library professionals and described in government policy and library association position papers is an innovation that has been difficult to implement in North American schools. The model proposes that the primary role of the school library professional is teaching in partnership with classroom(More)
An important aspect of the work of school librarians and other literacy workers is the development of young people's information literacies, that is, those skills and strategies essential to finding and using information. Canada's new information literacy framework addresses eight information literacies, expressed in the form of student outcomes: (1) Uses(More)
Journals in the field of school librarianship support evidence-based practice in school libraries through the publication of research articles and articles that describe " best practices ". In this paper, the authors analyze and compare research articles and " best practices " articles in the international journal School Libraries Worldwide to develop a(More)
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