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Since the early 1980's, intelligent and adaptive systems have appeared and have been written about in a variety of guises. Although there are many differences between such systems as adaptive user interfaces, intelligent help systems and explanation systems, there are many similarities as well. The most notable of these is that they all require user models(More)
The high resistance grounding (HRG) of 480-4160-V industrial power systems increases service continuity, enhances personnel safety, and reduces equipment damage when a ground fault occurs. HRG allows maintenance personnel to quickly and safely locate a ground fault while avoiding unscheduled downtime. An abundance of literature has been published on HRG(More)
We consider the significant work in both the human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence fields in the area of intelligent interfaces, placing into a structure the disparate strands of research work. We treat design and implementation issues, covering the relationship between user interface management systems (UIMS) architectures and interface(More)
It reflects solely the views of its authors. The views, conclusions, and recommendations are not intended to represent the views of the Commission. The views of the Commission are laid out in the Commission's final report "Dams and Development: A New Framework for Decision-Making". Executive Summary iii Chapter 1 Introduction 1 Biodiversity 1 Status of the(More)
Perspective is the definitive guide to empirical research in HCI. The book begins with foundational topics including historical context, the human factor, interaction elements, and the fundamentals of science and research. From there, you'll progress to learning about the methods for conducting an experiment to evaluate a new computer interface or(More)
Worldwide there is a gender gap in technology with only a small part of all computer science related positions being held by women. Among different initiatives to encourage women to join STEM fields, we started a video interview initiative last year at CHI to encourage more women to enter and remain in the field of HCI as well as strengthening existing(More)