Dianne Gregory

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Faced with the recommendation by an outside consultant to construct a large hospital for the criminally insane, the Oklahoma legislature approved a proposal by the state mental health department to study the mental health treatment needs of the prison population. Through a variety of assessment techniques, the authors found the inmates had a spectrum of(More)
This article updates previous content analyses of the Journal of Music Therapy (JMT) and presents information regarding the behavioral research approach to music therapy as reflected by published studies. JMT articles from 1964 through 1999 were examined to determine if the methodology included a behavioral research design (e.g., reversal, multiple(More)
OBJECTIVE Low uptake of childhood immunizations is a problem in many First Nations communities. This article describes the results of a study that examined mothers' perceptions of childhood immunizations and the factors that influence uptake. METHOD Person-centred interviews focussing on childhood immunizations and child health were conducted with 28(More)
To assess the level of concordance with international consensus on asthma management, we compared primary care prescribing patterns for asthma in different European countries. A prospective study of prescription items with an associated diagnostic label of asthma in patient consultations with a total of 235 general practitioners (GPs) from Belgium, England,(More)
The purpose of this study was to conduct a descriptive analysis of music therapy-related videos on YouTube. Preliminary searches using the keywords music therapy, music therapy session, and "music therapy session" resulted in listings of 5000, 767, and 59 videos respectively. The narrowed down listing of 59 videos was divided between two investigators and(More)
Twelve older adults with cognitive impairments who were participants in weekly community-based group music therapy sessions, 6 older adults in an Alzheimer's caregivers' group, and 6 college student volunteers listened to a 3.5 minute prepared audiotape of instrumental excerpts of patriotic selections. The tape consisted of 7 excerpts ranging from 18 s to(More)
Utilizing the Armor, Polich, and Stambul 1976 criteria, the clinical course of patients from 26 treatment programs was studied, with relapse analyses differing from the data reported by Armor et al. The overall rate of remission at 6 mo follow-up was considerably lower (54%) in this study. The data suggest that those alcoholics who chose to reduce their(More)
Twenty-eight of 49 states that responded to a survey supported mental health or substance abuse research through at least one of four funding mechanisms--the joint state-university research unit, research grants, state in-house research, and contracts. The authors illustrate the use of these mechanisms with examples from the states. The events leading to(More)
This study was designed to develop a method for collecting music therapy majors' hypothesized self-attributions of comfort and skill in diverse clinical scenarios and relating their attributions to recall and perceptions of similar personal and clinical experience. Fifty eight music therapy majors, from freshmen to graduate (board-certified) students,(More)