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GGobi is a direct descendent of a data visualization system called XGobi that has been around since the early 1990's. GGobi's new features include multiple plotting windows, a color lookup table manager, and an XML (Extensible Markup Language) file format for data. Perhaps the biggest advance is that GGobi can be easily extended , either by being embedded(More)
In high-dimensional data, one often seeks a few interesting low-dimensional projections which reveal important aspects of the data. Projection pursuit is a procedure for searching high-dimensional data for interesting low-dimensional projections via the optimization of a criterion function called the projection pursuit index. Very few projection pursuit(More)
We have created an immersive application for statistical graphics and have investigated what benefits it offers over more traditional data analysis tools. This paper presents a description of both the traditional data analysis tools and our virtual environment, and results of an experiment designed to determine if an immersive environment based on the XGobi(More)
Support vector machines (SVM) offer a theoretically well-founded approach to automated learning of pattern classifiers. They have been proven to give highly accurate results in complex classification problems , for example, gene expression analysis. The SVM algorithm is also quite intuitive with a few inputs to vary in the fitting process and several(More)
This paper reports on research into interactive, dynamic statistical graphics (DSG) applied to spatial data maintained within a geographic information system (GIS). We developed a bidirectionai link between ArcView 2.1 TM, a GIS, and XGobi, a DSG program. Multivariate data, collected at geographic locations, is passed from ArcView to XGobi and can be(More)
Visualization can help in model building, diagnosis, and in developing an understanding about how a model summarizes data. This paper proposes three strategies for visualizing statistical models: (1) display the model in the data space, (2) look at all members of a collection , and (3) explore the process of model fitting, not just the end result. Each(More)
This paper discusses visual methods that can be used to understand and interpret the results of classification using support vector machines (SVM) on data with continuous real-valued variables. SVM induction algorithms build pattern classifiers by identifying a maximal margin separating hyperplane from training examples in high dimensional pattern spaces or(More)
We introduce ggbio, a new methodology to visualize and explore genomics annotationsand high-throughput data. The plots provide detailed views of genomic regions,summary views of sequence alignments and splicing patterns, and genome-wide overviewswith karyogram, circular and grand linear layouts. The methods leverage thestatistical functionality available in(More)
BarleyBase (BB) (www.barleybase.org) is an online database for plant microarrays with integrated tools for data visualization and statistical analysis. BB houses raw and normalized expression data from the two publicly available Affymetrix genome arrays, Barley1 and Arabidopsis ATH1 with plans to include the new Affymetrix 61K wheat, maize, soybean and rice(More)