Dianming Hu

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We present Fatman, an enterprise-scale archival storage based on volunteer contribution resources from underutilized web servers, usually deployed on thousands of nodes with spare storage capacity. Fatman is specifically designed for enhancing the utilization of existing storage resources and cutting down the hardware purchase cost. Two major concerned(More)
—Most of the modern hard disk drives support Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART), which can monitor internal attributes of individual drives and predict impending drive failures by a thresholding method. As the prediction performance of the thresholding algorithm is disappointing, some researchers explored various statistical and(More)
Given the high cost of large-scale data centers, an important design goal is to fully utilize available power resources to maximize the computing capacity. In this paper we present Ampere, a novel power management system for data centers to increase the computing capacity by over-provisioning the number of servers. Instead of doing power capping that(More)
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