Dianliang Deng

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d. Convergence rates of moderate deviations are derived; that is, the rates of convergence to zero of certain tail probabilities of the partial sums are determined. For example, we obtain equivalent conditions for the convergence of the series n bnψ 2 anP {|S n | ≥ anφan}, where an n 1/α1 1 · · · n 1/αd d , bn n β1 1 · · · n βd d , φ and ψ are taken from a(More)
In cancer drug development, demonstrated efficacy in tumor xenograft models is an important step toward bringing a promising compound to human use. A key outcome variable is tumor volume measured over a period of time, while mice are treated with certain treatment regimens. A constrained parametric model has been proposed to account for special features,(More)
In this paper, an approach to estimating the cumulative mean function for history process with time dependent covariates and right censored time-to-event variable is developed using the combined technique of joint modeling and inverse probability weighting method. The consistency of proposed estimator is derived. Theoretical analysis and simulation studies(More)
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