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PURPOSE To reveal hidden patterns and knowledge present in nursing care information documented with standardized nursing terminologies on end-of-life (EOL) hospitalized patients. METHOD 596 episodes of care that included pain as a problem on a patient's care plan were examined using statistical and data mining tools. The data were extracted from the(More)
OBJECTIVE   To test the hypothesis that Hands-on Automated Nursing Data System (HANDS) "big picture summary" can be implemented uniformly across diverse settings, and result in positive registered nurse (RN) and plan of care (POC) data outcomes across time. DESIGN   In a longitudinal, multisite, full test study, a representative convenience sample of(More)
Traditional image coding methods, such as vector quantization (VQ), discrete cosine transform (DCT) based coding, and entropy coding of subband, have been designed to eliminate statistical redundancy within still images. In this paper, a combined approach utilizing both transform coding and vector quantization techniques is used, hoping to achieve the best(More)
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