Dianhui Mao

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Since the amount of spatial data grows rapidly during recent years, high dimensionality of the domain attributes presents a further obstacle for a number of rule-induction algorithms that would have the potential for automating knowledge acquisition. This paper attempts to tackle the problem by attribute reduction. Firstly, the problem of attribute(More)
Complex (or Composite) event processing systems have become more popular in a number of areas. Non-deterministic finite automata (NFA) are frequently used to evaluate CEP queries. However, it is complex or difficult to use the traditional NFA-based method to process patterns with conjunction and negation. In this paper, we proposed a new CEP system LogCEP(More)
Since soil erosion is a serious environmental problem, regional-scale soil erosion assessment is important. However, it is limited by the development of soil erosion mode by far. This paper presents a region- scaled soil erosion qualitative evaluation model based on naive Bayes. Firstly, the model takes the E'Dong Mountain as case study area, chooses the(More)
Object representation based on local features is a topical subject in the domain of image understanding and computer vision. We discuss the defects of global features in present methods and the advantages of local features in object recognition, and briefly explore state-of-the-art recognition methods using local features, especially the main approaches of(More)
Many methods for answering RNN query have been proposed, which is a problem formulated only recently. But these approaches for processing such queries have at least one of the following deficiencies: (i) the query object and data object all are points and (ii) it is very limited to further improve search efficiency, which is indexed by conventional exterior(More)
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