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This paper addresses adaptive detection of range-spread target in spherically invariant random vector clutter. Based on the nonadaptive detectors of NSDD-GLRT and SDD-GLRT, two adaptive detectors named ANSDD-GLRT and ASDD-GLRT are devised by replacing the unknown normalized clutter covariance matrix with the sample covariance matrix based on the secondary(More)
A novel method of cross-terms suppression in Wigner-Ville distribution through combining image processing techniques with pseudo-Wigner distribution. First we make pseudo-Wigner transform towards signals, then rotate the time-frequency map according to some angle and revolve it by the same angle in adverse direction. So the two time-frequency distributions(More)
In the non-Gaussian clutter modeled as independent and identically distributed spherically invariant random vectors, three estimators of sample covariance matrix (SCM), normalized sample covariance matrix (NSCM) and the corresponding recursive estimator (NSCM-RE) are analyzed. Based on the uniform theorem, three corresponding adaptive normalized matched(More)
In order to curb the model expansion of the kernel learning methods and adapt the nonlinear dynamics in the process of the nonstationary time series online prediction, a new online sequential learning algorithm with sparse update and adaptive regularization scheme is proposed based on kernel-based incremental extreme learning machine (KB-IELM). For online(More)
As a kind of high resolution radar, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is very important in many military applications. Frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) synthetic aperture radar (SAR), combining FMCW technique with synthetic aperture imaging methods, is a newly proposed imaging radar system, and has the advantages such as small cubage, light weight,(More)
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