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This article discusses factors related to academic achievement among AfricanAmerican male and female students. A review of the literature on achievement and gender differences among African-American students and two empirical studies I conducted are presented. The results of the first study, which focused on achievement, indicated that successful achievers(More)
BACKGROUND Animal studies have shown that even a small temperature elevation of 1°C can cause detrimental effects after brain injury. Since the skull acts as a potential thermal insulator, we hypothesized that decompressive hemicraniectomy facilitates surface cooling and lowers brain temperature. METHODS Forty-eight patients with severe brain injury (TBI(More)
Thirty physical education students and 30 music education students read a passage that could be given either a prison break or a wrestling interpretation, and another passage that could be understood in terms of an evening of card playing or a rehearsal session of a woodwind ensemble. Scores on disambiguating multiple choice tests and theme-revealing(More)
Colour forecasting is a process where attempts are made to accurately forecast colour for fashion-related products that consumers will purchase in the near future. Seasonal colours are recognised as a powerful driving force of fashion-related products and consumer research of desires and preferences has become an important integral part of design and(More)
More than ten years ago, a Guardian columnist observed a growth in the charity shop sector due to an increase in the number of such outlets on the high streets of towns and cities in the UK. The Guardian more recently reported on a new charity store image evidenced by brand-new charity fashion boutiques being launched by Oxfam in London. This new mode of(More)
We have found that Western blots (WBs) of whole platelets exposed to normal autologous or homologous sera commonly have bands at 90 to 95 (95) Kd, and less often at 100 to 110, 80 to 85, 60 to 75, and 50 to 60 Kd when developed with antiglobulins. The percentages of normal sera producing a 95Kd band with anti-immunoglobulin G (IgG). -IgA, and -IgM are 85,(More)
Approximately ninety million Americans are living with at least one chronic illness, and this number is expected to more than double over the next twenty-five years with the aging of the baby boomers.' Yet, studies show that most people living with a serious illness experience inadequately treated symptoms, fragmented care, poor communication with their(More)
ECG J Wa es after Resuscitation (Jam et a!) MAE. Wick et al#{176} reviewed 15 cases of MAE, 14 of which showed pulmonary vascular involvement. However, in none of the case reports did the premortem clinical signs and symptoms direct the physician to the lung for biopsy and diagnosis. In the series by Wick et al reporting 15 patients, 11 had fever ofunknown(More)