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The Reflective Educator′s Guide to Classroom Research: Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn Through Practitioner Inquiry
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The Sustainability of Inclusive School Reform
For over a decade, University of Florida researchers worked with middle schools in a large urban and suburban south Florida district, as they developed and then worked to sustain inclusive reform.
(E)pistemological Awareness, Instantiation of Methods, and Uninformed Methodological Ambiguity in Qualitative Research Projects
This article explores epistemological awareness and instantiation of methods, as well as uninformed ambiguity, in qualitative methodological decision making and research reporting. The authors argue
Teacher Learning through Self-Regulation: An Exploratory Study of Alternatively Prepared Teachers' Ability to Plan Differentiated Instruction in an Urban Elementary School
The recent federal mandates influenced by 2001's No Child Left Behind Act have had an impact on staffing schools throughout the nation. One of the requirements of the act is that a "highly qualified
Data Literacy: Understanding Teachers' Data Use in a Context of Accountability and Response to Intervention
Abstract Within the current high-stakes accountability context, student achievement data have become a central focus for instructional decisions given that teachers are held accountable for student
Reflection on their first five years of teaching: understanding staying and impact power
Teacher turnover in urban schools is occurring at a breakneck pace; thus, it is important for us to understand the characteristics of teachers who stay and succeed in these settings. In order to
The Changing Nature of the Role of the University Supervisor and Function of Preservice Teacher Supervision in an Era of Clinically-Rich Practice
ABSTRACT Given the movement to enhanced clinical experiences and school–university collaboration emphasized in the NCATE Blue Ribbon Report, the field of teacher preparation would benefit from an
Supervisor Transformation within a Professional Learning Community.
High-quality professional development is defined as having the characteristics of longevity, context specificity, teacher voice, collaboration, and follow-up (Darling-Hammond & McLaughlin, 1995; Lang