Diane Winn

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Objective: The BLOCKINgoal BLOCKINof BLOCKINour BLOCKINstudy BLOCKINis BLOCKINto BLOCKINaid BLOCKINin BLOCKINearly BLOCKINidentification of appendicitis in Hispanics by retrospectively reviewing the initial presentation, physical examination, and laboratory values of patients diagnosed post-operatively with appendicitis. Method: Data collected from medical(More)
Nearly eight million emergency department (ED) visits are attributed to alcohol every year in the United States. A substantial proportion is due to trauma. In 2005, 16,885 people were killed as a result of alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes. Patients with alcohol-use problems (AUPs) are not only more likely to drive after drinking but are also at greater(More)
Interview data from 100 lower income Hispanic and 50 White mothers from a nutritional service clinic extended prior research on cultural differences in the risk for unintentional pediatric injuries. Group differences were expected in reported injury incidence and in the prevalence and impact of contributing factors. As predicted, White mothers reported more(More)
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