Diane T. Rover

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By using the principle of fixed-time benchmarking, it is possible to compare a wide range of computers, from a small personal computer to the most powerful parallel supercomputer, on a single scale. Fixed-time benchmarks promise greater longevity than those based on a particular problem size and are more appropriate for “grand challenge” capability(More)
Convolution is a fundamental operation in many signal and image processing applications. Since the computation and communication pattern in a convolution operation is regular, a number of special architectures have been designed and implemented for this operator. The Von Neuman architectures cannot meet the real-time requirements of applications that use(More)
Software instrumentation is a widely used technique for parallel program performance evaluation, debugging, steering, and visualization. With increasing sophistication of parallel tool development technologies and broadening of application areas where these tools are being used, runtime data collection and management activities are growing in importance; we(More)
This paper presents a methodology for aiding a scientific programmer to evaluate the performance of parallel programs on advanced architectures. It applies well-defined design of experiments methods to the identification of relations among different levels in the process of mapping computational operations to high-performance computing systems. Statistical(More)
1 Mikel Bezdek, Graduate Student, Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, mbezdek@iastate.edu 2 Daniel Helvick, Graduate Student, Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, dhelvick@iastate.edu 3 Ramon Mercado, Graduate Student, Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, rmercado@iastate.edu 4 Diane Rover, Associate Dean, College of Engineering,(More)