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This paper measures the effects of decentralizing educational responsibility to communities and schools on student outcomes. Using the example of El Salvador's Community-Managed Schools Program (or, EDUCO, from the Spanish acronym, Educacion con Participacion de la Comunidad), which was designed to expand rural education rapidly following a civil war, it(More)
The screening of microorganisms for the production of useful products continues to be an important aspect of biotechnology. Although advances in instrumentation, genetics, and microbial physiology are having an impact, screening programs are still primarily based on so-called classical techniques of enrichment and mutagenesis. One area that needs(More)
A clinical isolate and a soil isolate of Chromobacterium violaceum were compared to determine differences in virulence-related characteristics. Purified lipopolysaccharide (endotoxin) from the virulent, clinical strain was more reactive than that from the avirulent soil strain as determined by the Limulus amebocyte lysate assay. There were no differences in(More)
  • D Steele
  • 1998
I CAME to Britain in 1951 having already completed my nurse training in Guyana, where I was born. The war was still fresh in people's minds and the whole country was weary. People were physically and emotionally tired and some were still mourning the loss of loved ones, but at the same time looking forward to happier times.
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