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The genome of pineapple mealybug wilt-associated closterovirus-2 (PMWaV-2) was cloned from double-stranded RNA isolated from diseased pineapple and its sequence determined. The 3'-terminal 14861 nt of the single-stranded RNA genome contains ten open reading frames (ORFs) which, from 5' to 3', potentially encode a >204 kDa polyprotein containing papain-like(More)
BACKGROUND Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) has a very wide host range, and is transmitted in a persistent manner by several species of thrips. These characteristics make this virus difficult to control. We show here that the over-expression of the mitochondrial alternative oxidase (AOX) in tomato and petunia is related to TSWV resistance. RESULTS The(More)
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