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Diabetes mellitus results in neuropathy of both somatic and visceral nerves. In diabetic patients with faecal incontinence, impaired rectal sensory function, manifested by a decreased sensitivity to balloon distention is common. This may contribute to unawareness of rectal filling and incontinence. There has been little study to date of visceral(More)
AIM The aim of this review was to examine systematically the scope, validity, and reliability of ordinal scales used to classify the eating and drinking ability of people with cerebral palsy (CP). METHOD Six electronic databases were searched to identify measures used to classify eating and drinking ability; in addition, two databases were used to track(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to develop a valid classification system to describe eating and drinking ability in people with cerebral palsy (CP), and to test its reliability. METHOD The Eating and Drinking Ability Classification System (EDACS) was developed in four stages in consultation with individuals with CP, parents, and health professionals: Stage(More)
Purpose: This course will present how and when to use classifications in childhood disabilities. Course Summary: With the availability of a family of classifications focused on function, practitioners and researchers should consider how one or more of the classifications may be useful for their programs, practice and research. Their primary purpose is to(More)
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