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The ability to inventory and map soil salinity at regional scales remains a significant challenge to scientists concerned with the salinization of agricultural soils throughout the world. Previous attempts to use satellite or aerial imagery to assess soil salinity have found limited success in part because of the inability of methods to isolate the effects(More)
1. Isolated, perfused rabbit proximal tubules were used to study the effects of activation of the apical membrane sodium co-transporters, and of the effects of osmotically induced cell swelling, upon cell volume, basolateral membrane potential and apparent partial conductance of potassium. 2. Activation of electrogenic apical sodium co-transport caused a(More)
1. A study was made of the partial recovery of basolateral membrane potential that follows some depolarizing manoeuvres in cells of isolated perfused segments of rabbit proximal convoluted tubules. 2. Peritubular application of 10(-4) M-acetazolamide (a known inhibitor of the basolateral sodium-bicarbonate co-transporter) caused a hyperpolarization of both(More)
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