Diane O. Thompson

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Cyclodextrins (CDs) complex hydrophobic drugs, increasing their aqueous solubility and stability. CD complexation enables the creation of formulations for water-insoluble drugs that are difficult to deliver with more traditional formulations. Currently, 10 pharmaceutical products are marketed as CD formulations. A CD-based formulation, like any other, is(More)
The promoting effects of diets varying both in type and amount of fat on N-nitrosomethylurea [(NMU) CAS: 684-93-5]-induced mammary tumorigenesis were assessed in female inbred F344 rats. Two seed oils (safflower and corn) and two fruit oils (olive and coconut), varying widely in their diene, monoene, and saturated fatty acid ratios, were fed in the(More)
For investigation of the role of linoleic acid (LA) and its biologically significant metabolites in mammary tumor promotion by dietary fat, a detailed study of the fatty acid group composition of serum lipids, tumor neutral lipids, tumor phospholipids, and tumor prostaglandins (PG's) was conducted in female inbred F344 rats initiated with(More)
Effects of water-soluble beta-cyclodextrins (beta CDs) on intestinal epithelial integrity were investigated, to establish the safe use of these beta CDs as solubilizers of spironolactone in paediatric enteral solutions. Mannitol permeability and transepithelial resistance (TER) of human intestinal epithelial Caco-2 cell monolayers during exposure to(More)
The N-nitrosomethylurea rat mammary tumor model was used to compare the tumor-promoting effects of a highfat (HF) diet containing a 3:1 mixture of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and corn oil with that of a HF and a low-fat (LF) corn oil diet. The serum and tumor lipid content and fatty acid (FA) composition were also determined in the three dietary(More)
The hemolytic activity of β-cyclodextrin (β-CyD) on rabbit erythrocytes was reduced by the introduction of negatively-charged groups onto the hydroxyls of β-CyD; the membrane disrupting abilities decreased in the order of β-CyD > 2-hydroxypropyl-β-CyD (HP-β-CyD) > sulfobutyl-β-CyD (SB-β-CyD) >> β-CyD sulfate (S-β-CyD). Under pre-hemolytic concentrations,(More)
The mammary tumor-promoting effects of a high-fat (HF) diet (23%, w/w) containing a 3:1 mixture of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) and corn oil were compared with those of a low-fat (LF) corn oil diet (5%) and a HF: corn oil diet (23%, w/w). It was found that the ingestion of MCT in a HF diet resulted in no detectable tumor-promoting effects in animals(More)
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