Diane Nelsen

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Recent interest in carbon-neutral biofuels has revived interest in co-digestion for methane generation. At wastewater treatment facilities, organic wastes may be co-digested with sludge using established anaerobic digesters. However, changes to organic loadings may induce digester instability, particularly for thermophilic digesters. To examine this(More)
In situ generated [(PPP)Pt][BF(4)](2) (PPP = triphos) catalyzes the cycloisomerization of 1,6-enyne-ols by initiative pi-activation of the alkyne. This generates an isolable cationic Pt-alkenyl species which subsequently participates in turnover limiting protonolysis with in situ generated acid. This latter reactivity contrasts cationic Pt-alkyls which are(More)
Reaction of (dppe)MCl(2)(dppe = 1,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane) with 2-(N-phenyliminomethyl)phenol leads to air-stable (dppe)M(N,O) chelates (M = Pd, 1a; M = Pt, 1b). The N-4-methylphenyl derivative of 1a has been characterized by X-ray analysis. The N,O ligands are kinetically labile and exchange occurs in solution in the presence of other(More)
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