Diane Meador

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This study examined the production and perception of English vowels by highly experienced native Italian speakers of English. The subjects were selected on the basis of the age at which they arrived in Canada and began to learn English, and how much they continued to use Italian. Vowel production accuracy was assessed through an intelligibility test in(More)
This study examined the identification of English consonants in noise by native speakers of Italian. The effect of age of first exposure to English was evaluated by comparing three groups of subjects who continued to use Italian relatively often but differed according to their age of arrival (AOA) in Canada from Italy (early: 7, mid: 14, late: 19 years).(More)
Hydra are characterized by having their body wall organized as an epithelial bilayer with an intervening acellular layer termed the mesoglea. As an extension of the previous study which indicated that mesoglea is a primitive basement membrane which has retained some characteristics of interstitial extracellular matrix, the present study was undertaken to(More)
The primary aim of this study was to determine if fluent early bilinguals who are highly experienced in their second language (L2) can produce L2 vowels in a way that is indistinguishable from native speakers' vowels. The subjects were native speakers of Italian who began learning English when they immigrated to Canada as children or adults ('early' vs.(More)
nancial support. We thank Ken Forster for useful comments and access to testing facilities. We thank Tom Craig, Diane Meador, and Diane Ohala for discussion and assistance with the experiments, and members of the psycholinguistics lab at UA and at CNRS for useful comments on several aspects of this work. We especially thank Anne Cutler, Jacques Mehler, Anne(More)
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