Diane M. Reddy

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BACKGROUND Postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) affects a significant number of patients and may have serious consequences for quality of life. Although POCD is most frequent after cardiac surgery, the prevalence of POCD after noncardiac surgery in older patients is also significant. The risk factors for POCD after noncardiac surgery include advanced(More)
Beneficial effects of relaxation on cardiovascular and immune functions and on memory has been implied but an empirical relationship between task performance and anxiety reduction has not been reported. In this study, we investigated whether guided imagery of relatively short duration would decrease S-Anxiety and electroencephalogram Bispectral Index and(More)
This study investigated the psychosocial factors that influence psychological adjustment among women with genital herpes, while taking into account the physical factors. Women with herpes (N = 105, age 18-30) completed an on-line survey about factors related to their diagnosis and herpes-related quality of life. Perceived stigma, acceptance coping, denial(More)
Many studies have documented associations between sexual functioning, depression, experiences of childhood sexual abuse, relationship support, and chronic pelvic pain, but none have addressed the interrelationships among all of these variables in a unified model. The aim of this preliminary study was to construct an integrative model predicting sexual(More)
Seventy-three women attending a health fair completed a questionnaire that measured demographic and health history variables, knowledge, and current practice of breast self-examination (BSE), Multidimensional Health Locus of Control (MHLC; Wallston, Wallston, & DeVellis, 1978), and components of the Health Belief Model (HBM; Rosenstock, 1974) in relation to(More)
— The failure-detection and fault-correction are analytical procedurees in attaining high-quality achievement of software excellence. In this paper, we adduce a amount of improvements on the bourgeois software bendability amplification models (SCEM) to call absolute software advance action by eliminating some abstract assumptions. A lot of of these models(More)
The literature on eating disorders has recently recognized the importance of studying cross-cultural populations and influences on eating behavior. Although the number of studies using Asian women is increasing, many qualitative studies conducted had been limited to Caucasian women. Besides the physical differences between the two groups of women, there is(More)
In the U.S. HIV infections have been declining, but, disturbingly, this has not taken place among adolescents. In fact, approximately half of the 19 million estimated new cases of sexually transmitted diseases occur among individuals aged 15 to 24 (CDC, 2005). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that individuals with an STD are 2-5(More)