Diane Leblanc

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AIM To test whether incivility at work exacerbates the relationship between stressors and strain for hospital workers. BACKGROUND A climate of incivility and disrespect among colleagues was expected to heighten the impact of work stressors on the mental and physical health of care providers. METHODS Members of 17 care-providing units from five hospital(More)
The use of LCL filter is continuously increasing in AC microgrids because of their good filtering/size ratio and their relative low cost. But, they introduce new resonance modes and may affect the stability of the microgrid, particularly when loads are tightly controlled. This paper deals with a AC network composed of LCL filters and power factor corrector(More)
Late-onset painful sensory neuropathies are usually acquired conditions associated with common diseases. Adult presentations of known hereditary forms are often accompanied by other organ involvement. We recruited a large French-Canadian family with a dominantly inherited late-onset painful sensory neuropathy. The main clinical feature is recurrent leg pain(More)
This paper deals with the stability analysis and the active stabilization of Voltage-Source-Rectifier Loads in AC microgrids using a centralized stabilizer. A model of this system is first performed considering the voltage loop dynamics of the rectifier and stability analysis is done using the indirect method of Lyapunov. The stabilizability study realized(More)
In many learning situations, we need to determine to which cues to attend, particularly in cases when these cues conflict. These conflicts appear often in English orthography. In two experiments, we asked children to spell two-syllable words that varied on two dimensions: morphological and orthographic structure. In one set of these words, the two sources(More)
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